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The day has finally arrived…

  • You’re booked on a T.V. show as a guest for your expertise.
  • Your product is featured on a news segment.
  • Your business is starting to attract well known A-List clients.
  • You’re invited on a popular podcast.
  • You or your product are featured on a popular blog post.

Great. But now what?

Do you Know How to Capitalize on Your Window of Opportunity?

If you’ve asked yourself any of the following questions:

  • How do I keep this momentum going?
  • How do I leverage this appearance into more sales, consultations, patients, clients, etc.
  • What about the internet? What should I be doing online to help my offline success?
  • Should I be using YouTube?
  • How do I get maximum exposure on Facebook?


If you want to keep your momentum going and leverage and exploit it to your maximum benefit…

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