Do you ever feel like you’re putting out video and social media posts and no one cares?

You’re not alone..celebrity status brands (5, 6, 7+ figure brands) often come to me for digital video marketing, social media, paid traffic or any digital marketing thinking they “need” to do videos for social media

Usually, they are frustrated because they do it and it gets NO response or they are very sporadic about posting and videos.

Yes yes – they have followers but I’m talking about videos gettin – 10 views or likes – and maybe a “good” video cracks 100 views.

Does this sound at all familiar?

As a successful celebrity status brand, you understand that you can be leveraging those videos and postings.

In fact, here’s how I leverage those videos and posts with our Celebrity Brands so they actually generate engagement and inquiry.

Let’s take Facebook.

  • First, if you aren’t, get on Facebook Business Manager.  Post your video on your Facebook page.
  • Next — and this is important — create a Facebook ad campaign for “engagement”.  Do NOT boost your post.
  • Select audiences that have visited your website, engaged with past videos, interacted with your fan page, etc.  Run this campaign for at least 5-7 days at a daily budget you’re comfortable with – it can even be $1-2/day.
  • Repeat each time you post on Facebook.

Questions? Leave them in the comments for me or DM me @Kristen_Hinman on Instagram

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