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What is an Advertising Website?

An advertising website is designed for lead generation and education.

This is different than the typical websites we see today which are simply “internet brochures.”

  • They lack purpose
  • They lack direct marketing best practices
  • They stay the same
  • They are not a source of lead generation (surprise, surprise)

On the other hand… an advertising website is the opposite.
It is a living & breathing marketing tool, which evolves as you understand more about your target market (your target market = your best clients, not all of your clients).

Why an Advertising Website?

  • The purpose of your website is to have visitors take a desired action – Such as a phone call, website inquiry or generate a lead by.
  • Phone Number should be quickly identified on every page, without having to direct the visitor where to go.
  • If your business has an offer which successfully attracts new clients, this must be advertised on your website – on every page.
  • Properly represent the business with accurate & inviting Text / Photos
  • Easy to Read, View & Navigate
  • Every page needs a call to action. It should be clear what the next step is when someone goes to a different page. (There does not have to be a different call to action on every page – it can be the same one across the entire site – but there does need to be a call to action).

Homepage Objective

Think of your website homepage as your online “sales department.” This means you could send interested prospects to this page, and simply by scrolling down they would be able to decide for themselves if they should continue a further discussion with you. This means your website must accomplish the following.

  • Present a message that immediately speaks to target audience in terms of what you deliver – and who it’s for. (Target audience = your best clients. Not all clients)
  • Present narrow navigation options
  • Lead Capture
  • Load Speed Acceptable for Google Standards
  • Mobile & Tablet Responsive

Think of your homepage as containing separate sections. Each section moves someone down the sales process which converts them from lead to client.

Here are a few examples:

  • The problems you solve
  • What you deliver
  • Who you work with
  • FAQ’s
  • Examples of Work
  • Your process – How you deliver work

Advertiser Website Elements

The following elements are included with your advertiser website.

A). 7 Web Pages
Every advertiser site comes with the following pages.
Note: Additional pages can be added in the future once your site is complete, but it begins with these pages.

  • Page #1: Homepage
  • Page #2: About Us
  • Page #3: Service or Product
  • Page #4: Service or Product
  • Page #5: Contact Us
  • Page #6: Lead Generation
  • Page #7: Our Process
  • Page #8: Blog
B). Content Creation & Formatting
You can submit content or we can write if for you.
Should you choose to write your own content we will give you a best practices guideline sheet to follow.
C). CRM Set-Up & Integration
We will set up your advertiser site with one of the following CRM’s of your choice.
Note: CRM cost will be your responsibility. But many of these are quite affordable.

  • Aweber
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Infusionsoft
D). Google Analytics
Google Analytics will be installed on your advertiser site.

This allows us to track visitors and user experience. And when you’re ready to use Google Adwords, you will have audiences created and ready to go.

This installation includes

  • Setup
  • Remarketing Audience Creation
  • Goal Set-Up (For lead generation)
E). Mobile & Tablet Responsive
Your site Advertiser Site will be mobile and tablet responsive.
F). Google Best Practices
Your site Advertiser Site will use the following checklist to be compliant with Google advertising & search best practices.

  • NAP on Site Globally [Name / Address / Phone Number]
  • Image Alt Text
  • Sitemap
  • Load speed <70%
  • Terms & Conditions Compliant
  • Meta Tags

Advertiser Site Creation Process

Time: 30 Business Days

Phase 1: Analysis
Prior to creating your site one of our team members, we will interview you in order to conduct a brief analysis of your business, your objectives and to gain an understanding of the following items. This is done via an online form + a 45 min phone interview.

  • What you do
  • What has made you successful so far
  • Who your market is
  • Which 2 services/products to start with
  • What lead generation item we should begin with
Phase 2: Copy
You can choose to write your own copy, or have someone from out team write copy.

  • Client writes copy: Client follows guidelines and submits copy to team.
  • Peare Media Team writes copy: Client is interviewed over phone and conducts research topics in order to write copy.

Either way we will present you with copy and headlines for final approval.

Phase 3: Web Page Creation
Once copy is approved our team will get to work creating web pages. In order to complete this process we will need the following items.

  • Your Logo
  • Branding Style Guide

Note: If you do not have these items we can offer these to you at a competitive additional charge.

Phase 4: Technical Set-Up
Once the webpages of your advertiser site have been created our team will perform the technical set up of the following items.
Phase 5: Asset Creation
Our team will create a digital asset for lead generation purposes, along with a landing page to market this asset.

A 5-Part email sequence will also be added to your CRM to follow up with anyone who requests this asset.

Phase 6: Testing
Once webpage & technical set-up is complete our team will test your site to ensure we have properly installed all technical items and that each page is functioning properly.
Phase 7: Load
Your advertiser site will then be loaded on its domain.
Phase 8: Market
Your advertiser site is now ready for marketing.

If you have already purchased a paid traffic package our team will activate your marketing campaigns to being advertising your two products.



Do I own the site? Or does Peare Media Own the Website?

Your website is 100% yours to keep. Peare Media has no additional fees other than the creation of the site. We will host the site for 60 days, after which we can continue to host your site for a small monthly charge of $20 per month, or you can have your site transferred to a hosting company of your choosing.


What if I want more than just 7 pages?

We start every site with the 7 webpages listed above (and a blog). In our experience we’ve found that taking on a large website project only slows things down. Our goal is to get your website up and running on an advertising platform (like Adwords or Facebook) as soon as possible. Once we finish your advertiser site we can begin adding new pages.


Are revisions included with the purchase of the site?

Any mistakes are fixed free of charge. We build the entire site and then allow 4 hours of cosmetic changes. After that all revisions are billed at an hourly rate – or you can make revisions yourself, or hire a 3rd party. It’s your site to do as you please.


Can I pick ANY 2 services?

It’s your site, so yes can. However, if your goal is to run paid traffic campaigns we suggest starting with 1 service or product that is already selling. Paid traffic will allow you to find new markets and leverage your current success. Your 2nd service/product can be something new you’d like to try. Just keep in mind that selling a new product/service takes time to master – and there’s risk associated with introducing something new to the marketplace.

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