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What We Do

Peare Media works with celebrity status brands who are ready to leverage their established name and proven success record into profitable online lead generation in the online marketing world.

Exploiting Your Success

How do we accomplish this?

Peare Media uses paid traffic platforms such as AdWords, Bing, YouTube and Facebook to reach your existing fan base.


We’ll set you up to be #1 on search engines to grow your reputation while marketing to your existing audience.


We develop a system to generate qualified leads through paid traffic.

Optimize & Convert

Once we’ve laid a strategic marketing foundation we can begin optimizing your Paid Traffic Campaigns for maximum engagement and lead generation.

How it Works

Phase 1: Foundation

Celebrity Search Marketing

Celebrity status clients and products are searched for daily on search engines like Google and Bing. By using the following target keywords we can instantly have your branding / website appear on the #1 placement of Google search advertising.

  • Your Name (and variations of your name)
  • The Name of your business
  • The Name of any proprietary products / services
  • The Name of any books written by you
  • Your Name + any television shows or publications you have been featured on.

This marketing campaign is set-up by our team on Google AdWords.

Celebrity REMarketing

Remarketing allows your brand / website to get a “second chance” of marketing.  By using Google Analytics we can create a tracking code which allows use to “follow” your web visitors across the internet – showing specific videos and banner ads.

  • Set-Up on Google AdWords – Includes custom ad creatives
  • Set-Up on Facebook – Includes custom ad creatives
  • Set-Up on YouTube (If you have an active channel with 100,000 video views or at least 500 subscribers).

Data Mining

After 30 days of Search Marketing and Remarketing we can extract the following data to enhance your engagement.  We then review this data with you (or someone from your team) at the end of your marketing cycle to bring insight to the ways in which visitors are interacting with your web presence.

Search Queries

Imagine being able to see how people are searching for your name, business and products.  This valuable insight will allow us to enhance your advertising across areas.  We also find that brands use this information to improve their direct mail pieces or print advertising.

Ad Creatives

During your 30 day foundation phase we will test various ad creatives to identify headlines, text and photos that attract the highest engagement levels.

Google Analytics


We review your GA stats to review the following:


  • High engagement web pages
  • Bounce Rate
  • Potential Custom audiences for future use in remarketing
  • Web traffic sources
  • Organic searches

Phase 2: Reach


Generating qualified leads is the ultimate purpose of paid traffic.  

This happens through a combination of showing the right offer to the right audience.  Peare media will work with your business to identify the following items.


  • Topics for Lead Generation
  • Format: Such as Video, PDF
  • Call to Action: Download, Phone Call, Information Submission
  • Follow-Up Nurture Sequence: What will we do to nurture this new lead into a desired client/opportunity.


Every brand needs 1 “highlight” video, which is their “Go-To” video which properly presents who they are – and what their business does.

Why is this important?

Celebrity status brands must take advantage of their growing reputation and PR by having a video which quickly sums up who they are, and why someone should work with them.  After all, the goal of PR is generate interest and inquiry.  This video will allow your brand to accomplish that.

  • Video created from photos and previous video footage
  • Branding & Custom graphics integrated into video
  • Ownership of final 1-2 minute video

YouTube Advertising

Celebrity brands MUST be using YouTube.  Here is a brief snapshot of what can be accomplished.


  • Leverage your celebrity status:  YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine.  This allows youtube advertisers to get their message in front of audiences that fit their target demographic.
  • Reach mobile users:  Mobile users prefer watching video over reading text.
  • Show your YouTube commercial to your website visitors:  The AdWords platform can be configured to show a YouTube video to YouTube viewers.  These Pre-Roll ads will play before a video our in between a video as a commercial.

Here are just a few stats on why YouTube Advertising is a must:

Million people visit YouTube per day

Billion hours of video watched on YouTube per day

Billion monthly active users

Phase 3: Optimize & Convert


Getting your Ad Campaign live is the first step.  The next step is to optimize your ads by continually trying new things. This includes:


  • Testing Ad copy headlines and text
  • Images on ads
  • Landing page ad copy
  • Targeting
  • Bidding styles
  • Platform Objective (such as bidding on clicks vs impressions)


The goal of advertising is conversion, this means we want your visitors to take a specific action, such as.

  • Filling out a form
  • Watching a video
  • Making a purchase
  • Submitting contact information

Generating conversions is a direct result of optimization and ongoing communication between our agency and your business.  The more we learn about what’s working and why, the more intelligent your platform becomes.

My Story

With over 8 years in the PR Industry I experienced first-hand what it takes to move a personality or brand from unknown to known.

We did it time and time again.

What I realized is that the journey doesn’t end with being known… It’s the starting point.

The bottom line is this: If you want to find lasting success, you must channel your celebrity momentum into a strategic plan that positions you in today’s digital world.

– Kristen Hinman, Founder of Peare Media

My PR Background Includes:

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